Paper/Prints FAQ

      Your print is printed on the highest quality paper available whether it's high gloss photo, matte photo, or fine art paper  These papers will always bring  out  the best in your print and represent it as  it was intended.  Prints are also available on Metal print, Canvas Wrap, and  Sealed Acrylic  upon  quote request , please  use the contact form               to send  your  quote request.  Framing is also available upon request.   Photos of print papers below  show finish and texture of each paper , the photos are not mine and were supplied by the manufacturer for this purpose only.  Click  the images for magnifier mode to inspect the papers close up. 


 Each print  is printed with a border addition of 3/8 which means the print size stays the same as listed and is printed on larger paper.  The border not only frames out your art but leaves room for mounting and matting without having to cover part of the image for framing. 

      Certain colors, subjects  and textures  require a different print paper to bring the photo to life as it was intended, to lend feel , mood  and  atmosphere to the image.   The paper your print is printed on was chosen for these qualities  so your prints exhibit the artistic expression  intended.    


Each print is personally inspected by me and then signed  on the lower right border as well as the back with Number and date.   If anything, no matter how small , doesn't meet my standards another print is made and you will be notified of the delay and leaves  zero chance of a bad print being sent out to any  customer.   

Ilford  B&W Gloss  -    A stunning and smooth paper for Black and White. With a  smooth and subtle surface this paper  allows gentle gradients , shadow detail ,hard deep blacks and unbelievable contrast to come to life . 

Ilford B&W Matte  -    The very same qualities and high standard as the glossy listed above but better suited for more muted shades and gentle gradients. 

Canvas  on Stretcher Frame in Matte-   For gentle soft focus images or portraits  with easy/pastel coloring or B&W.     Not recommended for sharp focus imagery.  Available upon request.


Canvas  on Stretcher  in Glossy-  Same as above but is a bit more forgivable than Matte finish.  Available upon request.

Hahnemuhle  Fine Art  (A)   -  With a highly textured surface this paper lends a level of class and depth to your print image like no other. 

Hahnemuhle  Fine Art   Rag (B)-  100%  Cotton  with a fine soft surface.  With high pictorial depth this paper is finely suited for either Color or Black And White.  

Hahnemuhle   Fine Art  Pearl (C) -  With a silk gloss surface that enhances even the slightest gradient in contrast. this paper is perfect  for fine art Black and White as well as Certain Color images.  

HD Metal Print on Aluminium-   A great alternative print surface choice for all  Photo art,  printed on Aluminium which can be framed or hung as is .  It produces intense colors and stunning luminosity. 

Photo Mount in Permanent Seal Acrylic-  A permanent Seal  for select photos and serious protection with hard acrylic. NOT for fine art  papers or papers with surface textures.  Available in Gloss or Matte viewing surface.

Fuji Crystal DP Gloss- High Quality Photo paper  with a smooth High Gloss surface finish, perfect for Full color and Select Black and White.

Fuji Crystal DP Velvet-  High Quality Photo paper with a flat velvet finish , zero texture surface for the ultimate in a matte finish.  Perfect for Pastel coloring and Select Black and White. 

Fuji Crystal DP Matte-  High Quality  Photo  paper with a Matte finish but retains a bit of surface texture and minor reflection. Perfect for Color and Select Black and White.

Ultra HD Photo Print on Fuji Crystal DP Glossy-   Extreme Definition and resolution, Saturation and Luminosity. Smooth Gloss finish. Perfect for  Full saturation color and select Black and White.  

FujiFlex Photo Paper in High Gloss-   High Quality photo print for color or Black and White with an Ultra Smooth Gloss finish.  



Click Images to hover/Magnify

Ilford B&W Glossy Paper.

Canvas On stretcher Frame Matte.

Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper (A).

Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper Rag (B)

Ilford Black and White Paper in Matte.

Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper (C) Pearl

HD Metal Print on Aluminium 

Photo  Mounted in Acrylic, Permanent Seal 

Fuji Crystal DP Gloss

Fuji Crystal Velvet

Ultra HD on Fuji Crystal Dp II Glossy

Fujiflex Photo Paper High Gloss

Canvas on Stretcher Frame Glossy

Fuji Crystal Matte

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