Artifice, Ghosts And Gaslights.

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As flowers wipe away

leaves lift in Wind

Artifice and Lies

Illuminate the end

Under the Gaslights... Curtains pulled to sides

Things once hidden, Now Shimmer with Light..

Woven with Ghosts.. Tricks.. Contempt and Spite

Convincingly Charming , Seductive Conceit

Idealization, Devalue, Attempted Discard

Painfully Obvious Yet Denied

Wounds To Be Guarded Opened Up Wide

Re-framed ....And..... Weaponized

Approach Avoidance...Approach Avoidance

A Roller Coaster Ride

Reward And Punish Seemed With Pride

Honesty Cures Yet Prefer To Hide.

Confusion Reigns, Dissonance Remains

Habits Of Years ..Sworn To Have Slain

Slide Out Of The Shadows

Accommodations In Vain

Ghosts of The Past Wear Outfits Familiar

Red Flags Burn, Intuitive Clang

Transparent And Futile The Efforts Have Been

Onward And Upward The Spirit Will Aim

Never Again, No Single Chance

Exposed And Figured

Will Not get Back In.

Not many things can show you the inner workings of someone as how they view things after they've broken your heart , as well as how they treat you, emotionally.

We all go through it in life, sometimes more than once.

It will turn you inside out emotionally

Then upside down , trying to get the reality you once knew to stand still once again,

So you can climb back on and get the world to stop spinning out of control around you.

Everything is tilted, its all out of balance, nothing makes sense to you anymore.

With some time though, things will become clear as they always do,

We begin to see the truth of all that was going on,

We realize our intuition was right all along and no matter what our eyes want to see,

Our intuition shows us what our eyes are closed to, and what our hearts are terrified to admit.

It's at this point the fog of the gaslights lift and logical vision returns,

We Begin to emotionally rebuild and heal our wounds, both emotional and Psychological.

We realign and put ourselves together again.

All the more wise, a bit more battle worn and cautious, yet still willing.

Educate and arm yourself against the narcissist's malevolence.

Photography By Me.

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