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         Photography has been a part of  my life for many years  , starting on a Canon 35mm film camera , moving to a Sony DSC S85  4 megapixel digital camera which I used for 19 years  until it finally stopped working. I recently found another  on ebay  which I picked up beyond cheap to have as  a backup digital   which I use  in the shop besides I love shooting with that camera, the photos are great if you understand the camera and its got a great Carl Zeiss lens on it.  With great light it still does incredible macro work for a 4 megapixel camera. 














      The serious side of photography really hit me with product photography , something I had no choice to get involved in since I was photographing my own work for  my customers and for  my web sites, so this was a must  and I kind of just  threw myself  in and learned how to use the camera and understand light.   Shooting in manual was something I've always  done,  shooting your own art will force you learn how a camera works VERY fast.  Auto  is  unusable for product photos, especially shooting leather.   Leather is skin so it absorbs light and bounces it back out  in a million different  colors depending on the color or colors on the leather so it was an instant  disaster.  Since I couldnt afford a pro level camera back then I had to learn how that camera wanted to see things and figure out how to work with it. That camera taught me a lot.


So manual mode was it for me, and I've never turned back.   Learning to use light,  how light prefers to behave and how you can work along with it is the key and a never ending journey  in photography.  Every day is a discovery .   The majority of these photos are right out of camera with no processing, I try to keep them as pure as can be.   Any photo with ROOC  next to it is straight from the camera with no adjustments .  I dont use filters in post processing to achieve a look  in my work , I use the camera  , distance , height, manipulation of light ,  aperture  through a proper lens to record in camera  what I  believe is the right look and mood for what I see through the  lens  so the images maintain  real honesty and strength.    

        I shoot mostly with manual vintage Prime Lenses,    I  love the color and feel I get from these lenses and I haven't found anything that comes close to my taste  in image output from anything else.  They're all manual focus and aperture so  its a bit tougher to use when you need fast focus but the result is worth it.   For portraits I'll sometimes use an AF  lens  to achieve a certain look  but  90% of  my work is manual focus.   As you can tell from my images I have an affinity for vintage things, it's no different with camera gear.   To me, the older and more soul it has the better.... 



    These photos tell stories,  places I've been, places I still go,  things that caught  my eye, abandoned buildings  and farm houses I go into to gather memories of times past.  Some in such bad shape the floor crumbles when you step on it, stair cases that swing when you climb them.  But these buildings are still important , they hold memories  as they fall apart to the point no one will go near them except to steal wire to sell and leave huge rips in the walls.  But I do, I find an odd  beauty  in them as they sit empty.  The absolute quiet you feel as you sit in one of these buildings is  unlike any other you'll ever hear.  There is a certain kind of magic in that experience . My hope is that  you'll sense that experience through some of  my images in the Ruins Page.      


Bokeh or background blur as its normally known-   Bokeh is created by using a wide aperture to render a busy background into a soft expanse of color, turning small points of light into soft circles. This establishes a shallow depth of field which causes the background to blur.  This effect when you see it my images  is done in camera with the wide aperture and  just the right angle  between the lens  and light source.  It's not an applied filter. 

Using a vintage 50mm lens  when I shoot these the bokeh is intense and at times can start to look alien.  I can get this effect on all of the lenses I use but  the 50mm is way ahead in how it renders Bokeh . It tends to group the Bokeh  tightly and  really rounds  them over nicely shot wide open.  Its one of my favorite vintage lenses to use... 

                                                                                     Example of  Bokeh 




























The feel









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